To me, clay contains the very essence of life. When working with clay, I’m exploring the human psyche—how we connect with each other. I’m interested in how people perceive, feel, and communicate about form, and the intrinsic relationships between matter, energy, and meaning.

The inspiration for my sculpting comes from art, nature, music, film, and has its roots in organic abstraction. I’m also fascinated by myths—ancient or legendary stories that have evolved over time—and my work often reflects and references these myths.

Hand-building using coils gives me the freedom to create complex, undulating shapes. I start without any preconceived ideas of what I’m creating, and in the quiet of my studio, allow my mind to be free, and simply follow the lead of the clay. With clay’s malleability, I find myself falling into a meditative state as I mold and sculpt. About two thirds of the way through, the form starts to emerge. I direct it, but the form still evolves until completion.

I use paper clay and a combination of Cone 06-6 glazes or I use bronze coating’s to make the surface look like ancient metal, and several layers of patina and oxidization to achieve the desired color and effect. I let the piece speak for itself by not intruding on it with elaborate decorating.

On the best days, achieving a harmony between vision and execution can be so powerful that it’s like a brief glimpse of the Divine, and it’s those moment that drive and sustain me.